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#403 replace fakepoll() with libevent new aturner enhancement high 4.0.0
#408 --fixlen=del does not work new aturner defect high Future Release
#518 Buffer overflow in TCPPrep for IP-in-IP stalled aturner defect high
#407 tcpreplay api should support non-file inputs new aturner enhancement medium Future Release
#422 allow ramps and steps for packet rate new aturner enhancement medium 4.0.0
#427 [PATCH] Rewrite client-ips only assigned aturner enhancement medium 4.0.0
#406 commit autogen generated files new aturner task low 4.0.0
#415 Nanosecond Capture Support new aturner enhancement low Future Release
#421 bitrate is too slow with tcpreplay v3.3.0 or newer merge aturner enhancement low 3.5.0
#426 new tool to fix pcap_file_header new aturner enhancement low Future Release
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