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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#351 Switch to cmake from autotools aturner task high tcpreplay 3.3.2
#358 librarize tcpprep, tcpbridge, tcpreplay & tcpedit aturner enhancement high GUI 3.3.2
#386 merge ipv6 code to trunk (#11) and detect short packets aturner enhancement high libtcpedit 3.4.1
#427 [PATCH] Rewrite client-ips only aturner enhancement medium tcprewrite 3.4.3
#366 make autoopts optional aturner enhancement low tcpreplay 3.4.0
#375 Code cleanup- remove warnings, etc aturner defect low tcpreplay 3.4.0
#389 extend DLT plugin API to support sub decoders aturner enhancement low libtcpedit 3.4.1
#449 support for skipping checksums for particular protocols aturner enhancement low tcprewrite 3.4.4
#526 tcpedit_t.editdir does not exist (trunk) aturner defect low libtcpedit

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#314 GUI Wizard younes enhancement high GUI 3.3.1
#368 Make all API calls thread safe aturner enhancement high tcpreplay 3.4.0
#391 New cmake install docs aturner task high tcpreplay 3.4.1
#403 replace fakepoll() with libevent aturner enhancement high tcpreplay 3.4.3
#540 merge TX_RING patch aturner enhancement high tcpreplay 3.4.4
#380 --regex seems broken aturner defect medium tcpprep 3.4.0
#422 allow ramps and steps for packet rate aturner enhancement medium tcpreplay 3.4.3
#133 Native Win32 Support aturner enhancement low tcpreplay 3.0.beta12
#365 Branch & tag 4.0 aturner task low tcpreplay 3.4.0
#374 convert to C99 standard of uint*_t instead of current u_int*_t aturner task low tcpreplay 3.4.0
#381 use pcap_setdirection() with tcpbrige aturner enhancement low tcpbridge 3.4.1
#392 Update web documentation aturner task low tcpreplay 3.4.1
#394 Create IPv6 editing unit tests aturner task low libtcpedit 3.4.1
#402 Link libnl as appropriate aturner defect low tcpreplay 3.4.2
#406 commit autogen generated files aturner task low tcpreplay 3.4.3
#445 Add PPP decoding support to libtcpedit aturner enhancement low libtcpedit 3.4.4
#446 fix dlt plugin templates aturner defect low libtcpedit
#479 Add --time option aturner enhancement low tcpreplay 3.4.4

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#359 create tcpedit API interface aturner task high GUI 3.3.2
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