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There is quite a bit of online documentation available for the tcpreplay suite:

Online Manual

Other Documentation & Information

Man Pages

Note that these man pages may be out of date and may not reflect the options available with the version of tcpreplay you have installed on your system. For the most accurate copies of the man pages, please see the man pages which came with your tcpreplay distribution (source code or compiled package).

Design Documents

Interesting (White)papers

Whitepapers, reviews and other documents which refer to tcpreplay or network traffic generation/testing in general

Related Tools

There are a number of other good tools which work with pcap files. If you know of any I've missed, let me know.

  • tcpdump/libpcap The defacto-standard for capturing packets on *NIX systems.
  • Wireshark A great network analyzer/decoder for *NIX/Windows systems. Offical fork of Ethereal.
  • Fragroute Now integrated into tcprewrite!
  • Ettercap Tool for running man-in-the-middle attacks
  • NetDude GTK based pcap capture file editor. Allows editing most anything in the packet.
  • tcpflow Extracts and reassembles the data portion on a per-flow basis on live traffic or pcap capture files.
  • tomahawk Inline based packet replay tool which detects dropped packets
  • TCPivo A high-performance network replay tool
  • Wireshark Tools mergecap, editcap, capinfos, text2pcap
  • Bit-Twist Another packet replay and editing tool
  • BackTrack 3 A security oriented Linux distro which includes tcpreplay and many other tools
  • DaemonLogger A mix of tcpdump & tcpbridge by Marty Roesch
  • PktAnon A pcap packet trace anonymizer
  • scrub-tcpdump Another pcap packet trace anonymizer
  • EtherApe A tool to visualize network traffic
  • NetworkExpect A framework for manipulating network packets, including packet crafting, injection, and reception.
  • SplitCap A C#/.Net 2.0 tool that splits large pcap files based on connections
  • Ostinato A C++/QT application for generating user defined packets.
  • PacketSquare A C/GTK+ GUI application for editing packets (Linux only)
  • CloudShark A web based version of Wireshark
  • Packet-o-Matic A real-time packet processor
  • Scapy A Python API for creating and parsing network traffic
  • Scruby A Ruby port of Scapy
  • Wireplay Replays TCP sessions to clients & servers
  • Libntoh Library for doing TCP/IP reassembly
  • Tcpcopy Tool for copying TCP streams to other servers for stress testing purposes

Finding Pcap Files

There are a few sites which have repositories of pcap files. If you know of any more, let me know.

Tools Using Tcpreplay Code

If your application is utilizing code from Tcpreplay (which is not only allowed, but encouraged by it's author as long as you follow the terms of the license) let me know and I'll list your project here:

  • SIPp SIPp is a free Open Source test tool / traffic generator for the SIP protocol.


This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

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