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With so many different versions available, you may be asking yourself, "Which version should I use?" As of the 3.0.0 release, the answer is simple: 3.x. All other branches are now EOL.


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Download via Github:

git checkout

Note that master is current unstable development and 3.4 is the stable 3.4.x branch.


  • Apple OS X users can install via Darwin Ports: port install tcpreplay
  • Debian users can try Noel Koethe's APT package: apt-get install tcpreplay
  • Most RPM based distro's should have tcpreplay

PGP Signature

I've now been asked by a user to allow them to check the authenticity of tcpreplay tarballs. Hence, starting with 3.4.4, I'll be PGP signing each release and attaching the signature to this page. You can get a copy of my PGP key off of the major PGP keyservers or from my personal website here: My PGP Key Fingerprint:

Key fingerprint = 3167 CCD6 6081 0FFC B749 9A8F 8707 9817 F86E DAE6

Please don't ask me to do MD5 or SHA1 style "signatures". This is a wiki page and since anyone could edit it, they can just as easily replace the hash as the tarball. For that matter, they could replace the link to my PGP key and change the fingerprint listed above. PLEASE VERIFY MY PGP KEY IF YOU INTEND TO USE IT. You can always email me or the tcpreplay-users list asking me for the fingerprint.

If you would like to sign my PGP key, please contact me and I'll be happy to validate it via the phone or other method of your choosing.

Tip Jar

Finding Tcpreplay useful? Maybe you're using it instead of tools which cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and feeling a little generous? Well you can always get me something from my Amazon wish list.

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