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Yes, someday Tcpreplay will have a GUI. Right now I'm hoping to get some help on a C++/QT based GUI. Not much else to write about now, but here is a workflow for a wizard:

Tcpreplay Wizard


  1. GUI should be as cross platform as possible (Linux, OSX and native Windows minimally)
  2. GUI should be optional build time option
  3. Does not replace CLI
  4. Support all tcpreplay functionality
  5. Support basic tcprewrite functionality (not requiring tcpprep)
  6. Basic replay status (something like percent complete)

Nice to haves

  1. GUI can load Tcpreplay AutoOpts config files
  2. CLI interface for Windows
  3. Advanced tcprewrite support
  4. tcpprep, tcpbridge support
  5. More advanced replay/rewrite status
  6. GUI support on Solaris, AIX, HPUX, *BSD, etc.

User Experiance

Right now I don't really have much in the way of use cases, but rather a belief that a Tcpreplay GUI should be more then just a faithful representation of the CLI arguments in a prettier dress. Specifically, I want a GUI to think about what users are trying to do with Tcpreplay and walk them through the steps to successfully reach those goals. Ideally, we would fully cover all the Usage Examples which are based on real world user requests.


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