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    1414Lastly, I'm a big fan of Eric Raymond's [ How to ask questions the smart way].  It's a great document which explains how users (that means you) should ask questions in a way to make it easier for developers to help them. 
     16== Show me your Pcap == 
    1618Additionally, many issues people have are due to the specific nature of their pcap file.  If you are unable/unwilling to share that pcap, then I may not be able to help you.  If you can't share it publicly, I'm willing to receive it privately and promise not to share it with anyone else.  If you can't share your pcap file at all, please state so up front.  Also, if I ask you a question in reply, then be sure to answer the question.  People asking for help who then are coy about the nature of their problem and/or avoid my questions tend to put me in a bad mood very quickly.  As I'm often fond of saying: '''Help me help you! ''' 
     20== Top Secret == 
     22Lastly, if whatever you are testing is so top secret you can't tell me what it is or the basics about how it works, then please don't ask me for help.  You wouldn't ask a car mechanic to fix your car without letting him look at your car and you shouldn't expect me to be able to help you if you can't/won't tell me about what you're testing or how it works.   Of course, if you want to pay me a consulting fee, I'll be happy to sign an NDA and then perhaps you can tell me the details. 
    1824== Getting Support ==